Sunday, October 16

Andrew Rich, 2002 Syrah

In a repeat performance, we were able to find a bottle of Andrew Rich at the local coop and settled in to a long lazy Sunday afternoon splashed in oil paint and flowers.

Nestled into the favorite corner of our bourdeaux colored couch, I prepare for the subtle nature of this new discovery. To my suprise and liking, it is bold from the moment my nose tips into the circular gorge of my new tall Reidle Syrah glass. This is a bold bottle with Jim Barry style berry and a strong finish that was yet not over powering. This bottle breathes well and cries out for any and all food featuring potent garlic.

Saturday, October 15

Syrah Flight at Sahalie

Landing in Sahalie this Friday night we are greeted with a Syrah flight as well as a French Tartiflette appetizer for lift off.

First the Aussie Kangarilla, 2002 Shiraz. Gingerbread, Zinny and spicy without the pepper... like you are going to do cartwheels down the aisle.

Then Andrew Rich, 2002 Syrah. Bringing on everything from running through wild flower filled mountain meadows in Oregon to pearls found in Asia - Mellow yet enough spice that causes you to wonder.

Finally a yet unnamed French Syrah powerful, but a bit too jammy for our buds... Also a marmalade characteristic to this fruity wine.

Thursday, October 13

A glimpse back to the fire

Pouring through files from yesteryear and tossing the stow away memories and energy lows.
I pull a full Reidel to my lips and already questioning the darkness, I notice a familiar friend like a favorite thong not seen on my lover for months, deeply rich red, a hint of comfort and a signal of pleasure.

This Mystic Syrah was not 2003, but was the sparkier smoldering 2002 written about earlier. Not noticing the vintage at Rice's, I commented about my gradual liking of the less sparky 2003 and somehow walked out the door with the long to be extinct 2002... The thong of Syrah's!

Wednesday, October 5

Mystic 2003

Big, thick & juicy with ample legs - RRRRrrththrRR - like a great cup of coffee in the morning in front of a camp fire.

But this gem is in front of an elegant fire in the evening. Rich, bold and luscious with legs my lover said "she only wished she could have"....she does. This one isn't an easy find. Mystic Syrah 2003 is rich & full of blackberry that requires a hike to the hilltop to find or bing cherries at the end of the season atop the tip of a lone tree that the birds have missed... Ripe and Full

Tuesday, October 4

Red Diamond Merlot

Once again the Red D satisfied a craving after a long day of work.

Sunday, October 2

Adanti, Adanti

Born in '99, this Italian packs the palate full while deliverying a Bordeaux style nose that already promises a smooth landing. The descent over each bud is blossoming as well as pedal soft. Airate for ultra substance & prepare your mind for a spin over the cliffs of hope, fear, doubt, anger & desire.

Saturday, October 1

Figs, Ribeye and Justin

Succulant figs, grilled meat, flowing goat cheese & reduced balsamic started the event. A time, a moment, flavors of life to be cherished. Perspective sprouts here in the candlelight with loud conversations surrounding in Italian flair. Four square delights now rest between us on a sun shaped plate. Each hand kneaded, filled, pinched & loved with oils & spices both potent & remarkably smooth. Conquered later by the powerful sage & rosemary upon a seared ribeye marblized with melting flavors.

Then Justin arrives with the coco dusted chocolate mousse. The mousse is light but concentrated with the sweetest berry sauce. Justin was splashed in reds, yellows and ocean blues. Proudly offering a similar jammy wild berry scent this Justin 2003 Cab Sav releases a toasted marshmellow essence with a slightly tarty finale.